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Beyond Units: Economic Benefits of Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Program

Study finds that for every dollar of AHP funding put into a particular development project, an additional $14.30 of private and public capital was invested.  Every dollar of AHP funding created $24.60 of additional economic impact in a community in the form of increased or new income, spending on construction materials and durable goods, and expanded tax revenues. For every $1 million of AHP funding, 158 jobs are created. AHP-assisted housing has helped create approximately 46,000 jobs in its 20 years.

Assessing New York City's Property Tax—Yet Again

Highlights how disparities in tax treatment among property classes such as rental properties versus single family homes continues to widen, even as an ad hoc patchwork of bizarre assessment guidelines, exemptions, abatements, and rebates have been added.

Estimated Fiscal Impacts of the Proposed Atlantic Yards Project

An example of how to calculate revenue impact of housing development project